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the Intellectual Capital Institute of Africa (ICIoA)

The ICIOA was started in 2007 after l returned from the international conference on intellectual capital for communities. The were a few observations l made that strengthened my resolve to start this organization, most of my observations were reinforced by beliefs l have had for a very long time about our circumstances as Africans. At that conference l was the only one who came from Africa, almost all the different geographical regions were represented. Unfortunately issues that were tabled were those that concerned us as Africans but we were nowhere to be found. Truly there are several organizations building the capacity of Africans on the continent, there are all sorts of research activities going on in  academia, various think tanks dotted all over the continent. Several UN organisations, the World Bank and other donor agencies are coming up with all sorts of programs to support developmental programs of Africans, but what l have seen in Ghanaian communities, Togolese, Zimbabwean and lately Nigerian tells me that, despite of all the political talk about economic growth in these countries, the socio-economic lives of the people living on this continent continues to worsen by the day. It was clear to me that our problem as Africans is not lack of information. A lot of data is generated in academia and in the various ministries of state. The problem is utilizing that information, transforming that information into knowledge and applying itto solve our problems as a continent. The difference between us and those countries that are successful is that the last ones do something with the knowledge available to them.

Almost every African country has a problem of duplication of programs due to lack of coordination of knowledge generated from the different resources. I learnt in amazement at the IC conference that France has a ministry that is in charge of Knowledge Mangement, this ministry co-ordinates all the knowledge from various ministries . Immediately this comes up some people will say oh we have a ministry of information, there is a difference between knowledge and information.

There is still a lot of unemployment amongst fairly educated people. Health services are deteriorating by the day and there is an enduring lack of quality education.

As a response to this, the Intellectual Capital institute of Africa was established as an innovative and progressive independent non profit organization that wants to engage interested people to assist in using our intellectual capital to solve problems on the African continent. It was originally set up as a project of the Alliance for Human Rights and Development Advocates(ALLIAHRA), an NGO in Accra Ghana. Currently the ICIOA works through various programmes and provides training resources, information and support to community agencies and government departments in African Countries.
I invite you to read more about our mission and objectives and to regularly check the page about our activities. Finally, I invite you to consider to contribute to our work through financial support, by promoting our organisation in your country or simply by contacting us with suggestions and ideas. After all, knowledge comes into being there where people deliberately interact and share information and opinion. This website can be one of these places.

Margaret Ninsin.